Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diaper Cake Tutorial

How to make a diaper cake!

Hopefully this is helpful to make, making a diaper cake easy.  What you'll need:
12 inch cake/cardboard circle, 77+ size 1 diapers, mini rubber bands, large rubber bands, 1 bottle of sparkling cider, receiving blankets, baby accessories and toys as you please, ribbon, flowers, double sided tape, and safety pins.  (I think that is everything)

First start with a 12 inch cake circle.  You can even cut your own cardboard out to a 12 inch circle.  

Tape the bottom of a bottle of sparkling cider on the cake circle.  A nice surprise for the new Mommy and Daddy to be.  

I use these rubber bands to put around the diapers.  It is easy because you just have to slide them on.  With bigger rubber bands you have to wrap them around at least twice.  

Lay the diaper with the top side up and begin to roll the diaper from the opening.  *Don't roll it from the bottom or they won't look right*

Keep rolling until the diaper is completely rolled up

Slide rubber band over the diaper.  

This diaper cake took 77 size 1 diapers to make.  Put a large rubber band over the bottle.  

Put the diapers inside the rubber band.  

Continue adding diapers until the bottle is surrounded by diapers.

Add another rubber band on and add more diapers until the existing diaper ring is surrounded by diapers.

Add another rubber band and and a 3rd time add a ring of diapers. Your bottom layer is finished!  :)

Repeat these steps for the second and top layer.  The second layer will only have 2 rings of diapers.  The top layer will only have 1 ring of diapers.  

Now it is time to decorate!

Fold receiving blanket to fit around bottom layer.  Measure how to fold it depending on the size of the layer. Pin together with a safety pin.  *Be careful not to poke the diapers*

Wrap all 3 layers with receiving blankets.  (For the top layer instead of a receiving blanket you can use one of the baby blanket doll/animal toys or a onesie instead.  You can even not use receiving blankets and just wrap ribbion around the diapers.  I use double sided tape for the ribbons.)  Add ribbon, bows, flowers, toys, headbands, binkys and other baby accessories until the cake is how you would like it.  You can keep it very simple or add a lot.  And viola you have your diaper cake!  Pretty easy right?  :)  

I also figured out how to make a diaper baby bassinet; with a onesie, receiving blanket, and ribbons.  

They were perfect for my sister's baby shower!  


Heidi Walls said...

So cute and perfect... I know mackenzie is just enjoying it. If i ever have a baby will you make a diaper cake and basinnete for me? i will pay you.

Krista Neil said...

Holy cow, so super duper cute, great idea :)