Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Juliet's Visit to Primary Childrens

About a month ago Juliet was throwing up a lot for over 2 weeks.  But she would only throw up while she was sleeping.  Many days during the 2 week period I would go to get her in the morning and she and her bed would be covered in throw up.  A few times she would throw up during nap time.  We took her into the doctor and he thought it most likely was reflux but the fact that she kept throwing up only while sleeping or right when waking up made my doctor a little uneasy and he told us he thought we needed go get an MRI for her to make sure everything was ok and rule out any scary things.  I love my pediatrician and trust him very much so when he suggests that we do something like this we do it.  So on June 11th we headed into Primary Children's Hospital.

Here is Jewels on our way to the hospital.  Happy here...not so happy when they were putting in the iv.  

Here is Daddy waiting for Juliet while she was in the MRI

Here is our little cutie afterwards.  I don't like seeing anyone, let alone, my babies hooked up to machines in the hospital.  They had to give her anesthesia so she would stay still while getting the MRI.  So we had to wait a little bit for her to get to a point where we could wake her up. 

Here is the nurse checking on Juliet.

When it was time to wake her up we took a popsicle and rubbed it against her lips.  She woke right up and ended up eating the whole popsicle.  She hadn't been able to eat all morning so she was so happy we were finally letting her eat and drink.  

She was still so sleepy so we made sure she stayed clean.  

After she ate the popsicle she fell asleep again.  They had to check her vitals before we could go and her blood pressure was a little low so we stayed a little bit longer and soon we were able to head home.

When we got in the car she enjoyed some sugar wafers and goldfish crackers.  She was pretty happy.  

She fell asleep on the way home.  She was so tired.  We came home and she ate lunch and then cuddled with me and fell asleep again.  We got the results back the next day and everything looked fantastic!  We were so happy to hear it!  She hasn't thrown up for a while so if she seems to be having issues again or is cranky after she eats we will look at reflux as a possibility and think about medication for her.  We are so happy all was well with the results of the MRI.  


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

so glad all is well with Juliet... We love you all.

Leslie Scoresby said...

So grateful for tender mercies and that your little angel is o.k. I love you~

Krista Neil said...

This looks all too familar, kindof scares me, we had some scares with Kasen, and what do you know he got an MRI too, at primary's, hopefully someday I'll post on it. I'm glad hers was normal it's always reassuing to know there are no big problems (Kasen's was normal too). Hope it doesn't come back!