Sunday, July 22, 2012

Katelyn Turns 8!!!

Katie turned 8 on July 3rd!  I can't believe she is that old!  They really do grow up too fast!  This year Kate got to have a friend birthday party!  She was so excited!  

Here are the girls playing a game.

The party place

It was a Pool Party with a Luau theme.

Fun drink cups

The girls outside swimming and playing

Opening presents

A picture of her cake.  She was so excited and had so much fun with her friends!

Here she is on her blessing day!  So tiny! 

She started growing up!  Sharing her beautiful smile and laugh with us.

 Growing bigger and bigger!

Off to school and out in the world.

My beautiful 8 year-old!  
She is so excited to get baptized!  She is loving being able to attend Activity Days.  She got her ears pierced for her birthday and she was so excited!  She also received scriptures.  She is getting so big and more responsible.  Katelyn is so helpful and so kind-hearted.  She helps me out so much.  Many times I find her unloading the dishwasher without being asked, helping with her baby sister (feeding her, getting her a drink, or holding her if she is sad when a baby sitter is here), and so many other helpful things.  She loves the gospel and has chosen to be baptized.  Her favorite color is still blue but sometimes she prefers pink.  She loves Kit-Kats, sandwiches, and gum.  She is an amazing girl!  We are so blessed and lucky to have her in our family!  Love you Katie!  

Here is Katie's baptism invite.  She is so excited!


Heidi Gail Walls said...

Katelyn, is such a beautiful girl... can't believe she is growing up. Love all the pictures. Hey dede- wondering if you will be my families party planner and consultant and such. Just sayin... your so talented.

Amanda Faye Wright said...

Dede, you are such a great mom. Wow, this looks like it was fun. And little miss Katie is gorgeous!