Sunday, July 22, 2012

The 4th of July

My family was able to get together for the 4th.  My Mom and Dad were down from Montana and all my siblings that live close were able to come to my house and party!  We had so much fun!  

Water balloon games.

Juliet wearing Madi's shirt.  

Madi and Kayla were having so much fun!

Shooting water balloons

The kids having fun!

Juliet loved holding on to this water balloon.  She kept it safe the whole time.  

Sam being a nerd face!

Water Gun Fight!

Sponge Toss Game!  So much fun!

The grandkids giving Papa a soaking wet hug!

Grandma's turn!  
We had so much fun!  We celebrated birthdays, ate yummy food, shot off fireworks, and enjoyed time laughing and playing!  It was a wonderful day to celebrate our independence!  

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