Thursday, August 30, 2012

McKenna's Bridal Shower

On July 14th we had my baby sister McKenna's bridal shower here at my house.  My rockin' awesome sister (inlaw) Sarah and I threw the shower and it was a success.  It turned out super cute and of course once the party started I didn't get any pictures.  But just had to share the cute decorations and yummy food!  

It looked pretty!  Loved the pom poms!  

The food was super yummy!

The yummy drink with the super cute glasses!  Jordan helped decorate the cups!  What a great guy huh!?

The centerpiece

Yummy food!

We were trying to see if this would work as the centerpiece for the reception.  Turned out super cute!  We loved it!  The shower was lots of fun!  Kenna had a great time and we had a great turn out!  Yay!!!!

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