Monday, September 03, 2012

So Loved and So Grateful!

Back in July and August things were so crazy.  I was so busy and felt so overwhelmed.  There was so much to do and I just felt like there was no way I could get it all done.  I was blessed with some great friends that dropped things by to remind me that I was loved not only by them but I knew that the Savior was thinking of me and loved me too.  

One day a friend stopped by and dropped off some flowers and a new bath mat for my bathroom.  She sat and talked with me for a few minutes and it was so nice to just talk and feel loved.  

One morning I woke up and found this on my front door.  Someone stopped by and heart attacked my house.  I felt so loved and it was so lovely to have this reminder I was loved all over my door and walk way. There were so many wonderful things written on the hearts.  It was so nice!  

I also had notes from people, cookies dropped off, and many other kindness' given to me.  

I'm so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord that are ever present in our lives!  Even when life is crazy and He can't change that he blesses us and takes care of us.  

We are so loved!  

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Heidi Gail Walls said...

so fun... love those kinds of surprises...