Sunday, December 23, 2012


Halloween was fun this year as always!  We decided to be brave and carve pumpkins this year!  We had so much fun!

Daddy and the girls getting ready to carve






Madi digging out the 'guts'...the one and only time she actually put her hand in the 'icky pumpkin'

Katie cleaning out her pumpkin

Mayli cleaning out hers.  We had so much fun and the girls did a great job carving their pumpkins!

Here they all are on our porch

Mayli's pumpkin

Madi's pumpkin

Katelyn's pumpkin

Mommy's pumpkin

Juliet's pumpkin

Baby Wright's pumpkin...Mayli decorated it :)

Daddy's pumpkin

Halloween day!  We got to go trick or treating at Daddy's work.  Here are the girls after we were all done.

Mayli was a genie

Madi was a fairy princess

Juliet was a cute pirate!

 Katie was Cinderella

All 4 girls!  They were so excited for the fun holiday!  We had a great Halloween!

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