Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend and Gingerbread Houses

We had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We spent it up at Mike's parents house.  It was so much fun.  We had a yummy dinner.  The next day was the traditional decorating of gingerbread houses.  One of my favorite things to do each year!  Here are some fun pictures!

Daddy and Madi decorating

Libby and Kate decorating



Juliet's favorite spot...the candy table!!!  

After we were done decorating gingerbread houses.  Everyone bundled up and went Christmas caroling around the neighborhood.  They had so much fun!

After caroling we headed up to Grandma's grave to put some Christmas things up and give Grandma her special gingerbread house everyone helped decorate.  

Everyone that was there.

Juliet's Gingerbread house!  She helped lots and did a great job!

Madi's gingerbread house she decorated all by herself.

Katelyn got to decorate 2 and this one was the second one she decorated.

Mommy's house

Our baby's gingerbread house made with love.

Daddy's gingerbread house

Mayli's house.  She decorated all by herself.  She was very creative and made little people for the sides of the house.

Katelyn's house.  Decorated all by herself too.  She was very creative too and made a snowman and a teeter-totter.  

Our gingerbread city!  

Merry Christmas!  We had a great Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by family and fun!

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