Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Well this is my last post tonight. While I was handing out candy I had a few minutes to finally catch up on the blog inbetween trick-or-treaters. Tonight we got to celebrate Halloween a day early since we can't go tomorrow because it is the Sabbath. So everyone here decided to go a day early so our kids could enjoy the holiday. The kids were so excited.
Madilyn dressed up as Mariposa a barbie butterfly fairy. She looked super cute!

Mayli dressed up at a pageant queen. She looked beautiful.

Katelyn in her pink mermaid costume. She looked so pretty and was so excited to go out.
Attempt 1 again...
Attempt 2...Madi smiling the other 2 have silly faces

Attempt 3...and well....yah...I tried.

Daddy, Katelyn, Madi, Mayli, Uncle Thomas, and Emma heading out to go trick-or-treating. The girls got so much candy and they had a great time! Happy Halloween!!!!


Amanda Faye said...

DEDE, they all look so stinkin cute!!!!!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Way cute! Happy Halloween! glad everyone had fun. Can i "take" some of the pictures ?

Bryan and Sherry said...

Hello Hello, Your girls are so cute in their costumes. And congrats on #4 on the way. So I voted for the the Alayna, because my little "Lainey" is so fun. I wanted to spell it Laynee, but Bryan didn't so we had to compromise. Anyway I really like Juliet too. Be careful though! That name will soon take over the popular Sophie/Sofia etc and will be the next most popular baby name!!! ;) But I'd do it anyway if that's what you like. I personally love it!! Have a good one. Hugs~Sherry

Krista Neil said...

Maybe if I had a laptop I could to bloggin easier, haha. The girls were super cute :)