Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Trip to Montana...Homecoming for Kenna

We made a quick trip up to Montana to go see my family this last weekend. It was so fun to go up and spend time together. My baby sister McKenna was nominated into Homecoming Royalty and we went up to support her. We left on Wednesday about 2pm and headed off on our long journey. We had lots of fun while there. Here are some of my favorite moments.

On the drive up:
Me: "Mike you might want to repark the van."
Mike: "Oh this isn't diagonal parking?"
Me: "No." (While laughing hysterically)

One Night While Playing Scattergories:
A World Leader or Politician that starts with L:
McKenna: "Lance Armstrong. He's a world leader he defeated cancer."
Caleb: "Grandma defeated cancer."
The rest of us: "Yah Kenna I don't think that one is going to work."
Mom: "No wait, he is a world leader he landed on the moon."
Kenna: "Hahaa! No mom, that was Louie Armstrong."
The rest of us: While laughing hysterically..."NEIL Armstrong."

An older lady came to visit my mom.
Kate: "Grandma, there is another grandma here to see you."

Another night playing Scattergories:
I roll the dice: "Ok the letter is M."
Mom: "M as in mouse."
Carli: "Yah thats right."
Mom: "Ok."
While Dad is filling out his he is laughing so hard. After the round is over I start off and say my 1st one.
Dad: "It was M I thought it was N!"
Me: "Did you not here the previous conversation when I rolled the dice?"
Dad: "No must have missed that."
We still had him read his. The one he was laughing at was Hobbies he put Numchucks.

Same game Mike's book that starts with the letter T he puts 'To Save a Mockingbird.' Hahaa! A little opposite of the real title 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'

We had lots of fun. I had to put these down so I could remember them. We laughed so hard. Here are some pictures of the fun:

Madi, Kate, Evie, Hannah, and May in the back of a truck at the Homecoming Parade

The grandkids with Papa so excited the parade has started. In Glendive lots of the students wear football jerserys to the game. So on all the floats there were tons of people wearing football jerserys. Mike goes, "Are these all football floats?" Hahaa! It was awesome. :) Mike is always making me laugh. :)

McKenna on her 'royalty float'

Kenna waving to people

Madi with as much candy as she could hold from the parade. She wouldn't let it out of her sight.

McKenna in one of her many pretty dresses during the week. She looked beautiful and this one was my favorite. In Glendive all the girls in the royalty wear prom dresses all week to school. This was the one she wore for the parade and football game.

My pretty sister!

Isn't the back gorgeous!!!!

Kate and Kenna

Kenna and Madi

Mayli was so exhausted that she went upstairs and took a nap all on her own. She was sleeping when we were taking pictures with Kenna so she didn't get one. She was so tired.

During halftime at the football game they had the schools drumline play. They are pretty good. We got a new camera and I had to try to see how good of a picture I could get from the bleachers. Not too bad!

They had a DJ playing music and during halftime all the students were down on the track dancing.

Here is Kenna dancing with some little girls. I'm sure they were so excited! I know when I was little I would have thought that was the neatest thing ever!!!! I'll spare Glendive the embarassment of posting the football score...lets just say we were happy they finally made a touchdown in the last quarter. It was really fun to be back and enjoy my hometown.

It's not a vacation at Papa and Grandma's without smores at the fire pit! Here are Mayli, Daddy, and Madi getting ready to roast their marshmellows. We had a good time and enjoyed being together.


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Love the pictures... I am greatful you have your eternal family. Families are so wonderful.

Celeste said...

So much fun...sad I missed out! :) Thoses Scattegories stories are so funny. Dad is always using the wrong letter...hahahahaha!!!! Oh, and Molly has that same Dora shirt as Madi. Love girls! :)