Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Well this is my last post tonight. While I was handing out candy I had a few minutes to finally catch up on the blog inbetween trick-or-treaters. Tonight we got to celebrate Halloween a day early since we can't go tomorrow because it is the Sabbath. So everyone here decided to go a day early so our kids could enjoy the holiday. The kids were so excited.
Madilyn dressed up as Mariposa a barbie butterfly fairy. She looked super cute!

Mayli dressed up at a pageant queen. She looked beautiful.

Katelyn in her pink mermaid costume. She looked so pretty and was so excited to go out.
Attempt 1 again...
Attempt 2...Madi smiling the other 2 have silly faces

Attempt 3...and well....yah...I tried.

Daddy, Katelyn, Madi, Mayli, Uncle Thomas, and Emma heading out to go trick-or-treating. The girls got so much candy and they had a great time! Happy Halloween!!!!

Friday Halloween Fun!

Friday was a fun day. We had fun parties to go to and lots of fun things to do.
Katelyn dressed up for school in her Mermaid Costume

Our pretty pink mermaid...Madi had to get in on the photo

Mayli right before her school party.

Super cute Pageant Queen

Katelyn and her class in the costume parade at school

Katelyn sitting in her classroom

Katelyn's class all dressed up (with a few siblings in there)

Then we got to go to Daddy's work and go trick-or-treating. Here are our attempts to get a good picture..someone always has eyes closed, face covered, or something. Attempt 1.

Attempt 2...I love Madi's face.

Attempt 3...they all looked so cute!

Here are Daddy and the girls walking around to go trick-or-treating. They got lots of candy and had so much fun!

Mayli's Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We had Mayli's fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch on October 22. I helped chaperone. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the fun!
Waiting in line to go on the hayride.
Mayli on the hayride

Madilyn on the hayride...she looks 'so happy'.

Mayli and her friends waiting to go in to see all the animals.

Madilyn really wanted a picture with this...yet she wouldn't stand still for 5 seconds so I could take a decent picture. She still looks cute!

Petting the bunny

Mayli and Madilyn and Levi in the back

Mayli petting a chicken
Madilyn petting a chicken
Madi going down the slide

Mayli and her friends climbing up to go down the slide

Mayli's class and her teacher. We had a super fun time! After this picture each kid got to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin to take home and decorate.


Well dodgeball has become our semi-annual tradition now. It is so much fun! This time I didn't get to play because I'm pregnant but there was about 5 of us ladies out of commision who couldn't play this year so we sat up on the stage and I still got knocked by a ball (Oliver...hahaa!). Good thing it was just in my shoulder. :) It was fun to watch but it is way more fun to play. We had a good time!
I love this picture of all the men lined up ready to go. They mean business!
Here was one team

Here is the other team. It is so much fun to have so many wonderful and fun people to live by! It is always a blast to get together. Can't wait until next time when I'll be able to play again. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please bless that we Might be Grateful

I was having a horrible day yesterday. I was in a horrible mood, I was in pain (stupid sciatic nerve!), and well just plain upset at just about everything that was happening. I was mad that it was only noon and my phone was already dead and then I couldn't find a USB cable to plug my phone in so I had to walk back to my room to get my plug ( horrible *sarcastic*). And well just a whole bunch of other things. It was lunch time and I asked Mayli to pray and while she was praying she said, "And please bless that we might be grateful." When she said it, the words seemed to cut right through could I be so least I had a cell phone, a house, a car that runs, a husband who is a wonderful provider and help and who loves me, 3 beautiful children, a baby who is growing inside of me and is healthy, and so many other countless blessings. Now unfortunately that didn't really change my attitude fully for the day and though for a while I did feel better my bad mood still stayed. So today please bless that I might be grateful and happy...because life really is wonderful and I am so blessed. Thanks Mayli for putting it into perspective for Mommy and for even at this very minute singing "He Sent His Son" right next to me while I'm typing this. When I finally grow up and stop being selfish and silly I wanna be like you Mayli!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cake for a Good Cause

I was asked to make a cake for a 5k Cake Run/Walk. The 5k was a benefit for Jim Hughes a man in our city (He is 1st Counselor in our Stake Presidency) who has brain cancer. A few months before they found out he had cancer he had started his own business at home and hadn't set up insurance yet. Some women in our Stake set up this 5k and all proceeds will go towards medical bills for President Hughes. I jumped at the chance to volunteer when they asked if I would be willing to make a cake. Since 1st off I'm not anywhere close to inshape enough to run a 5k and 2nd off can't really train being pregnant and all. So I was happy to donate my time and some money to donate this cake for the winner of the women's division. It was actually quite fun to make and everything turned out lovely. It was so easy to decorate and no stress at all! It was so nice to not run into any problems and have everything run quite smoothly. It was the first time I made a bow like the one on the top. It was quick and easy to make and the cake frosted extremely well. Thankfully my fridge is capable to hold a 3 tier cake all put together since I had to go drop it of at 6:45am this morning. I was able to finish it all last night and run it to the race start this morning. I know President Hughes and his family could use prayers. So if you can add them in your prayers I know they would appriciate it. It's been a great testimony builder to see the solid faith they have had throughout this whole ordeal.

Close up of the bow

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Trip to Montana...Homecoming for Kenna

We made a quick trip up to Montana to go see my family this last weekend. It was so fun to go up and spend time together. My baby sister McKenna was nominated into Homecoming Royalty and we went up to support her. We left on Wednesday about 2pm and headed off on our long journey. We had lots of fun while there. Here are some of my favorite moments.

On the drive up:
Me: "Mike you might want to repark the van."
Mike: "Oh this isn't diagonal parking?"
Me: "No." (While laughing hysterically)

One Night While Playing Scattergories:
A World Leader or Politician that starts with L:
McKenna: "Lance Armstrong. He's a world leader he defeated cancer."
Caleb: "Grandma defeated cancer."
The rest of us: "Yah Kenna I don't think that one is going to work."
Mom: "No wait, he is a world leader he landed on the moon."
Kenna: "Hahaa! No mom, that was Louie Armstrong."
The rest of us: While laughing hysterically..."NEIL Armstrong."

An older lady came to visit my mom.
Kate: "Grandma, there is another grandma here to see you."

Another night playing Scattergories:
I roll the dice: "Ok the letter is M."
Mom: "M as in mouse."
Carli: "Yah thats right."
Mom: "Ok."
While Dad is filling out his he is laughing so hard. After the round is over I start off and say my 1st one.
Dad: "It was M I thought it was N!"
Me: "Did you not here the previous conversation when I rolled the dice?"
Dad: "No must have missed that."
We still had him read his. The one he was laughing at was Hobbies he put Numchucks.

Same game Mike's book that starts with the letter T he puts 'To Save a Mockingbird.' Hahaa! A little opposite of the real title 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'

We had lots of fun. I had to put these down so I could remember them. We laughed so hard. Here are some pictures of the fun:

Madi, Kate, Evie, Hannah, and May in the back of a truck at the Homecoming Parade

The grandkids with Papa so excited the parade has started. In Glendive lots of the students wear football jerserys to the game. So on all the floats there were tons of people wearing football jerserys. Mike goes, "Are these all football floats?" Hahaa! It was awesome. :) Mike is always making me laugh. :)

McKenna on her 'royalty float'

Kenna waving to people

Madi with as much candy as she could hold from the parade. She wouldn't let it out of her sight.

McKenna in one of her many pretty dresses during the week. She looked beautiful and this one was my favorite. In Glendive all the girls in the royalty wear prom dresses all week to school. This was the one she wore for the parade and football game.

My pretty sister!

Isn't the back gorgeous!!!!

Kate and Kenna

Kenna and Madi

Mayli was so exhausted that she went upstairs and took a nap all on her own. She was sleeping when we were taking pictures with Kenna so she didn't get one. She was so tired.

During halftime at the football game they had the schools drumline play. They are pretty good. We got a new camera and I had to try to see how good of a picture I could get from the bleachers. Not too bad!

They had a DJ playing music and during halftime all the students were down on the track dancing.

Here is Kenna dancing with some little girls. I'm sure they were so excited! I know when I was little I would have thought that was the neatest thing ever!!!! I'll spare Glendive the embarassment of posting the football score...lets just say we were happy they finally made a touchdown in the last quarter. It was really fun to be back and enjoy my hometown.

It's not a vacation at Papa and Grandma's without smores at the fire pit! Here are Mayli, Daddy, and Madi getting ready to roast their marshmellows. We had a good time and enjoyed being together.