Sunday, July 03, 2011

Moments That Matter Most

I love this video every time I watch it, it makes me cry. We get so busy in life that we forget sometimes what matters most. We would all do well to slow down a little and remember those things that matter most in our life. Life can be so full of distractions and many times we experience heartache, disappointment, sorrow, and pain. We need to remember to stop and look around and enjoy the many blessings that our Father in Heaven has given us to bring us great joy and happiness. Slow down and enjoy the moments that matter most.

Last week Mayli came running in the house saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom, you have to come see this! It is so neat." I responded, "Just a minute, I'm busy." Mayli said, "But Mom it is so cool please come see." So I decided I better go see this exciting thing. She took me over to our pine tree in the front yard and showed me this birds nest in the tree.
It was a beautiful sight and fun to watch the birds then everyday as they grew bigger and soon left the nest. It was a reminder of the beauty that Father in Heaven has given us so we can smile and have joy. I'm so glad Mayli took a moment to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the earth and looked up and saw this little miracle. I hope we can all slow down a little and enjoy the moments that matter most.


Krista Neil said...

Good reminder, good video. I need to remember that more :)

Krista Neil said...
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