Friday, May 18, 2012

Bathroom Remodel-YAY!

We remodeled the master bathroom a few weeks ago!  I LOVE it!  

Before and After

Here is a couple before pictures right before we started after I had already hung up the shower curtain.

All finished!

 I got this black basket at Hobby Lobby.  A little hot glue, ribbon, and flowers made it look so much cuter!!!  I love the baskets!

My cute towels!

So easy to fold this way!

Katelyn found these cute curtain hooks.  I love them!

Made this cute floral arrangement to hang up.

New light fixture.

I absolutely love it!  It turned out so lovely!  It makes me happy!  :)


Mike said...

That was a lot of fun wasn't it....

Krista Neil said...

Gorgeous! Great job, totally jealous, our bathroom is in need of serious re-do, but it's totally not my forte'. Let me know when you go in the biz, I'll hire ya! :)