Friday, May 18, 2012

Sherie Porter Wright Memorial Scholarship

On May 10, which happened to be exactly 2 months after the passing of our dear, sweet mother and grandmother Sherie Porter Wright, 2 scholarships were given in her honor.  Mom worked hard on the scholarship board in Morgan County for over 15 years and helped shape it into the program it is today.  There were 2 scholarships given in her honor to this year.  Recipients of the scholarship must be service oriented. 


These were the recipients of the scholarships this year.

This the a scan of the insert they put in the program in honor of Mom.  When it was time to give out her scholarship they said some wonderful things about her.  And everyone gave a standing ovation in her honor.  It was so touching and a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman.  We recorded the whole thing on video and hope to be able to upload it soon.  I will link it on here when we get a chance.  

What a special lady and how blessed we are.

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Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Oh Mike & Dede - that is so wonderful... Congratulations to the recipients and you and your family.