Friday, May 25, 2012

The girls had their Spring Dance Recital on May 19.  They all did so great!  They looked lovely and awesome and they all had so much fun!  They had so much support from family that came to watch them!  They were so happy!  

 Madi is in Creative Dance.  Her class was so cute!  

Mayli was in Hip-Hop.  She loved it!  Here she doing one of her awesome Hip-Hop moves.  

Kate was in Hip-Hop.  She loved it too.  Here she is doing a super awesome Hip-Hop move.  

Our little dancers who aren't so little anymore!

All 4 girls at dress rehearsal!  Aren't they adorable!!!  :)


Here is Madi's dance...excuse the constant in and out of focus...I hate my digital camera.  One day I might get a new one that rocks!  Luckily we have an awesome video recorder that does rock (Mike bought it...I think I'll stick to letting him pick out the electronics from now on.)  and it actually has the whole dance on it!  Enjoy!  

Here is Kate and Mayli dancing!  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sherie Porter Wright Memorial Scholarship

On May 10, which happened to be exactly 2 months after the passing of our dear, sweet mother and grandmother Sherie Porter Wright, 2 scholarships were given in her honor.  Mom worked hard on the scholarship board in Morgan County for over 15 years and helped shape it into the program it is today.  There were 2 scholarships given in her honor to this year.  Recipients of the scholarship must be service oriented. 


These were the recipients of the scholarships this year.

This the a scan of the insert they put in the program in honor of Mom.  When it was time to give out her scholarship they said some wonderful things about her.  And everyone gave a standing ovation in her honor.  It was so touching and a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman.  We recorded the whole thing on video and hope to be able to upload it soon.  I will link it on here when we get a chance.  

What a special lady and how blessed we are.

Color Me Rad 5K

Back in April we ran the Color Me Rad 5k.  Part of the registration fee went to fund scholarships for students at UVU.  The Wright family decided to run it in honor of our mom, Sherie Wright.  She loved education and knew the importance of  getting a higher education.  She spent hours serving the students at Morgan High helping hundreds of students apply and receive scholarships.  Even students who thought they might not be able to get a scholarship could come to Mom and she would be able to help them find one that would work for them.  So as a family we decided to run this 5k in honor of her to help students be able to receive more scholarships.  The team name we came up with was Bear-ly Runners/Walkers.  Bear for Sherbear, it ended up fun because the ly stood for love ya (whenever Mike's dad texts us he ends the text in ly), and Runners/Walkers because....well...we aren't the fastest runners or walkers but our hearts were in the right place.  It was so super fun and a great way to honor Mom.  

Ethan, Amanda, and Dad

Amanda, Thomas, and SaraAnne's shirts

Jacky, Mark, Dad, and Ian

Amanda, me, Caleb, and Sara...we are hard core runners :)

Thomas, Libby, and Mike 

Me, Amy, and Sara we stopped for a minute to wait for the others to catch up so we could finish the race together.

The Fausett Family

Amanda and Ethan

Ethan and me...yah we are that cool!

My sweet pose

Doing some Zen moves

Me running to Mike after  he had ran around the pond a 2nd time

Mike and me

Our whole group after the race

The back of our shirts.  We were holding up our 'What Cancer Cannot Do' bracelets we all wore in honor of Mom.  

Mike and I after the race

The back of our shirts

Me, Jacky, and Amanda

Sara, me, Jacky, and Amy

The back of our shirts and holding up our cancer bracelets.

The men!

They are so funny!

We had a rockin' awesome time!  It was a blast running, walking, dancing, and just plain going crazy!  Our family out of the country who couldn't run with us wore white shirts in honor of Mom that day.  We missed you Matt, Michelle, and Tim but we felt your support!  We hope to make this an annual tradition to run in honor of Mom!  Families are Forever and so fun!  

Bathroom Remodel-YAY!

We remodeled the master bathroom a few weeks ago!  I LOVE it!  

Before and After

Here is a couple before pictures right before we started after I had already hung up the shower curtain.

All finished!

 I got this black basket at Hobby Lobby.  A little hot glue, ribbon, and flowers made it look so much cuter!!!  I love the baskets!

My cute towels!

So easy to fold this way!

Katelyn found these cute curtain hooks.  I love them!

Made this cute floral arrangement to hang up.

New light fixture.

I absolutely love it!  It turned out so lovely!  It makes me happy!  :)

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We had so much fun decorating eggs for Family Home Evening for Easter.  The girls had so much fun dyeing the eggs.  

Cute Mayli

Cute Kate

Cute Madi

Having fun with Daddy

All us girls

Juliet loved seeing all the colors and loved to hold the eggs

Madi with all her eggs

Mayli with all her eggs

Katelyn with all her eggs.  
We had a great time dyeing eggs and spending time together.